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Twitter Banner Switcher

We recently revamped our Twitter profile and connected it to both our blog and GitHub repos via the awesome IFTTT. Now every new blog post (like this one) and a release of one of our open source libraries gets immediately (well, check-every-15-minutes kind of immediately) tweeted about.

One thing that was missing (or more precisely: my boss thought was missing) was the ability to rotate over a set of images as a Twitter profile banner. And being programmers and stuff we did it (or more precisely: my boss told me to do it). It's called twitter-banner-switcher (I know - awesome name, right?) and is available now in stores near you (or more precisely: on PyPI and GitHub). I should stop with the more precisely stuff, shouldn't I? I should, or more precisely - I will.

Anyway - as always feel free to use, ask, fork, star, report bugs, fix them, suggest enhancements and point out any mistakes.

And have a nice day!