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The Great First Post

Oh, hi - I didn't see you there. I don't know how you got here, but welcome. We're Pythonity, this is our blog and its first post. Literally. We'll mostly be blogging about things related to the awesome Python programming language, but you probably already figured that out.

Our cunning plan is to publish at least one long-ish post per month, and maybe some shorter ones about some cool stuff that we stumbled upon (e.g., have you heard about Django Channels that are planned to land in Django 1.10?) but we all know that plans were made to be broken. Or were it rules? Anyway, we'll see how all that will work out.

Posts will probably also be inspired by our current projects - there's currently one article in the works about the (not) awesome daylight saving time that was inspired by a bug in Schedoodle, a little work scheduling app that we're developing. Next, maybe a rant about django-auth-ldap API - or lack thereof? But then again, it could be hard to do without profanity, so who knows. Either way - you're more than welcome to visit us again and see how we're doing.